Seasonal Activities

Most people claim that they have a favorite season, but when pressed will admit they prefer having four different ones, just to mix it up every once in a while. If you live in waterfront condos in Toronto or buy a home here in St. Norbert, you'll get to enjoy Canada's temperate climate, which includes four completely different seasons. For those who are unused to such variety, here are some examples of seasonal activities you could take part in during the different seasons.


Spring weather tends to be a little chilly still, thanks to the aftereffects of winter, and features a lot of rain. That need not keep you indoors, however. Spring is the time for planting your garden and enjoying the early flowers and budding trees that are just coming out. Take a hike or a bike ride and watch things changing. Spring is also the best time to visit Canadian Niagara Falls hotels, as the meltwater will swell Horseshoe Falls into its largest, most impressive form. This also makes it a great season for white water rafting and kayaking.


Summer in Canada is most people's favorite season. The sun shines, the temperature is over 25 degrees Celsius most days, and the water becomes warm enough for swimming. Once you get the interlocking stones done on your patio, you can host a barbecue. Camping is also immensely popular during the summer, as are canoeing trips and visits to beaches on oceans, lakes, and rivers. Organized sports really pick up in the summer, with amateur leagues of soccer, football, baseball, and even cricket taking over the sporting fields.


Once things start to cool off, you might think that people go running for the fitness clubs in Scarborough so they can take their exercise indoors. But with its crisp, cool air and brightly colored leaves on display, fall is the best season for running and biking. You can take a drive to enjoy the leaves, visit a farm for a hay ride, and get involved in the many holiday activities, such as Halloween pumpkin carving and Thanksgiving games of touch football. With the kids newly back to school, fall is a great time for solitary activities like walking or painting landscapes.


Most newcomers to Canada dread the winter, thinking they'll have to treat themselves to a weekend at the best spa in Mississauga just to make it bearable. But with a blanket of soft snow on the ground and the sun shining, the weather is perfect for outdoor activities like downhill or cross country skiing, ice fishing, sledding, ice skating, and sleigh rides. Hockey, Canada's national pastime, kicks into high gear during the winter, so there are always games to watch.

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