Ontario Comparisons

When it comes to real estate one of the most important questions you'll be faced is where do you want to live? Location, location, location, is what any Saint Norbert or Newmarket real estate agents will preach to you whenever you talk to them. If you're in the market to sell your home, your real estate agent will ask you where do you want to live? If you want to buy a new home your Saint Norbert or Scarborough real estate agent will ask you what parts of town do you want to live in?

Where do you want to live is a question you will find yourself being asked and needing to answer quite often during the real estate buying or selling process. You've been to our site enough to realize that we've provided you with information about the Quebec real estate market. However, if you have your eyes on the Ontario real estate market then you should continue reading this article.

Why is that? Well, based on the title, "Ontario Comparisons", you've probably guessed that this articled will be comparing Ontario real estate market prices to those in Quebec. Based on real estate statistics from February of 2011, the average house price in Ontario is $360,000. Compare that price to Quebec and you'll find a huge difference, as the average house price in the province of Quebec is $252,00. That means, on average, a home in Quebec would cost you $108,000 less than a home in Ontario. Numbers like that have to make you stop and think if you own a home in Quebec and have been perusing the MLS Newmarket ads.

Would it be worth it to sell your Quebec home and move to Ontario? Probably not since you're looking at spending over $100,000 more on real estate. What's the point of selling your home in Quebec and moving to Ontario where your cost of living just went up substantially? The average house prices we listed are just that, average. Who knows how much you would be looking at spending on luxury homes in London.

When comparing the major Ontario cities to the major Quebec cities the gap is still there. The average price for Toronto homes for sale is $454,000. In Ottawa it's $338,00. Compare those two cities to Montreal, whose average home price is $300,000. The difference between Montreal and Ottawa isn't too bad but the price gap between Montreal and Toronto is astronomical.

We hope you now have a better understating between the real estate prices in Ontario and Quebec and use the statistics we provided you with to carefully help you out in any real estate matters.

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