New School Advice

Moving from Ashbridges Bay to Saint Norbert isn't easy when you're a grown up, but it's even harder for kids because they're leaving all their old friends and their old school behind and having to start all over again in a new school. The stress of starting in a new school can make kids upset and make your move more difficult, so in order to make the transition smoother for both you and your child, we've published these tips on how to handle moving to a brand new school.

Walking into a place they've never seen before and facing children they've never met before is one of the hardest things that children have to do. You can make it easier on them by helping them get familiar before the big day. Take them for a tour of the school before their first day and allow them to see the layout and meet the teachers so they don't have to worry about getting lost or having a horrid teacher. You might also invite some parents to bring their kids to your Toronto condominiums for a play date or meet and greet prior to starting school so your child will have someone he or she knows.

The language barrier is often a difficult one for children who are new to Quebec to overcome. Most Quebecois children speak English as a second language or not at all, and many will resent a complete Anglophone, so it's always a good idea to take French classes or immerse the family in French well in advance of a move. Your child will also find it easier to follow in-class lessons and make friends if he or she is already reasonably proficient in French, and it will give him or her more confidence.

To avoid having to subject your child to a lengthy battery of tests to determine which classes he or she should be in, make sure your child's old school sends his or her records to the new school prior to the start date. This way your child can blend seamlessly into his or her new class while you worry about selling your old Oshawa, Ontario real estate and setting up the new house in Saint Norbert. If lessons don't match up between the schools, you will need to help your child catch up at home.

And finally, help your child to make a good impression on his or her first day of school. Give them confidence by taking them shopping for new clothes, bringing them to Mississauga dentists for teeth whitening, or helping them make cookies for their new class. Anything they want to do that will help them either stand out or blend in, depending on their goals.

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