Saint Norbert

Saint-Norbert is a small village of about 1000 residents in Quebec. This is an entirely francophone community with about 450 homes. It is a parish municipality in the Lanaudiere region of the province and thanks to its charm and beauty, is visited by many people throughout the year coming from houses for sale Ottawa to those from Europe. This site is dedicated to the charm and life here in Saint Norbert.

This area was first settled by the French in 1761 but it was not until 1848 that the small village got its own parish. This was because at the time it was such a distance to travel to the nearest place of worship that the people living in Saint Norbert at the time decided that they needed to construct a place of their own. If you're coming down to visit from working with Toronto condos for sale and are interested in old and new buildings than you will want to see the chapel in the centre of the town. It was completed in 1876, making it about 135 years old. A convent was added along the Bonaventure River in 1886 but it has since disappeared.

Saint Norbert is located at almost the halfway point between Trois-Rivieres and Montreal and is a far cry from the sort of life that you would see when looking out the windows of a cosmetic dentistry Toronto office building. This is the true country life that many areas around Quebec are known for. There are many travel and vacation options within the Lanaudiere Region. This is a place full of outdoors and leisure sites, relaxing resorts, culture and heritage. This is certainly a place to come to play, explore, or stay.

This area is known as cottage country, snowmobile country, and as a great place for a day of outdoor adventure. If you're coming here to stay than you could experience the cabin life cooking over the fire. Or, you might want to plan a large event at this central location. There are many sites that would be perfect for a wedding, family reunion, or even a corporate retreat for a HVAC Mississauga office. You will find a number of festivals and events throughout the year that feature the music and cuisine of the area. This might be a quiet and small town but there is always something to do and see for those who are willing to look for it. And you should remember that Saint Norbert is only one community in this large region.

Our site is devoted to all of the different things that make a community like Saint Norbert great. For residents, we will tell you about the real estate of the area and where you might go to find work within a reasonable commuting distance. If you're visiting from Kingston real estate sales, for example, you might want things to do for a week or just a nice place to eat dinner while biking through central Quebec. We can help you with all of these things.

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